Why hello! How lovely to meet you dear blog reader of mine! IMG_9629

I’m Elise….. Sunshine Coast mum of two little munchkins (Evie + Lola), wife to a ridiculously good looking Englishman named Howard…. and possessor of a ridiculous amount of creative, entrepreneurial energy that has culminated in my need for an outlet from my day to day mum duties. 

Enter Baby Bean – my ‘other baby’ – where I absolutely love both exploring the inspiring and FUN world of kids interiors and fashion, while writing REAL, relatable and (hopefully) humorous posts for all the parents ‘slummin’ it with me.

But in all honesty, I know I’m not alone in finding this parenting journey both incredible, totally worth it and exhausting…. and I’d hate for anyone to ever feel left out in their personal struggles or triumphs. So read on, relate to what I’m chatting about, get involved in the conversation or feel free to wonder when and how I lost my sanity… 

I LOVE hearing from readers and have made some wonderful friends through this whole experience. Jump on the wagon… I apologise in advance for bad grammar, too many ‘Aussie’ sayings and for damaging your wallets with exposing you to too many adorable and fabulous kids’ businesses that you muuuuuustt follow!

xxxx Elise