Hipster Theme First Birthday | #lolamargaretthehipster

We #hashtagged the weekend away with my.favourite.party.yet! It was so relaxed, chilled, fun, small (well as small as my big family can allow) and there were coffee and donuts galore! Yes!

For about two years I’ve been trying to convince friends to have a Hipster themed party for their kids (because why wouldn’t you right??) but for some reason never tackled it myself! Insert my mini, Lola Margaret 🙂 ….. This little cherub turning One brings an avalanche of emotions to my already overly-emotional self…. Considering I cry at the drop of a hat (actually have cried in three movie previews to date 😐 ), I desperately wanted to fill this party with some personal emotional crutches for me…. in the form of coffee, donuts and kids in hipster glasses 🙂 Only teared up twice. Yay! Stable Mum for the Win!

But here it is, our beautiful celebration of all things Lola and triumphing over the year that was.

(highlight is the epic cafe my ‘sexy-englishman’ husband made…. the primary reason for marrying him were these handy skills)

Donuts, donuts, donuts. Coffee, coffee, coffee… Who wouldn’t be happy. All the food was store bought and simple… only needed to heat the donuts in the oven for a minute for the oozy warm goodness. Keeping the food simple meant I could go a little crazy making the cake and not spend the whole party running in and out of the kitchen.

If you ever have a limited budget there are so many corners you can cut when it comes to food. My priority was keeping costs low (handy with a hipster theme which calls for milk crate seating), simple catering and being able to actually be involved in the party and not stuck in the kitchen. The donuts were piled high (which looked great too) so I didn’t have to keep restocking the food table. We set up our coffee machine outside so basically I could ‘barista’ away (with my mini barista next to me making her ‘babyccinos’) while chatting to the guests.

We also filled heaps of mini glass bottles with store bought juice and they lived in the ice bucket next to the water dispenser. This kept drinks super easy.

Decor wise – well honestly Hipster is pretty easy and cheap to do! No crisp white linen, mis-matched everything is encouraged, and it oozes a laid back atmosphere. I kind of ran around the house the night before and collected anything vintage, wooden or quirky. Dad thought the theme was Parisienne but meh 😐

I avoided the candy/plastic goodie bags this time around and decided on some mini bow ties and top knot headbands instead. The fabric for all of them cost me under $10 (love a clearance bin find) and are actually quite simple to make (if you have a sewing machine and a little bit of time…. or a House of Cards season you feel like binge watching and simultaneously sewing makes you feel slightly less guilty about it). The fabric for the cafe awning was also a bargain steal and as always I majorly overestimated how much I’d need so used the leftovers to make some mini cushions for the milk crate seating.

And the cake was my major piece of fun! Warning, do not attempt party cakes if baking/decorating is not your idea of a good time! Buy something simple and instead spend the time/money on an awesome cake topper. I’ve somehow been roped into making my brothers wedding cake in a few months time and so am grappling at any chance to hone my skills. Got a birthday/baby shower/picnic coming up and want an over the top cake? I’m your gal 😉 haha…. heck I’ll make you one for breakfast I’m that obsessed with practising before the wedding!

So that’s that… another first birthday done and dusted! Who knows if there will be another one? 🙁 uh oh…. that’ll make me tear up again! Off to have a reheated donut.

If you have any questions let me know