Sweet as Sugar Valentines Day Crafts

2016 is flying past…. apparently it’s not January anymore 😐
which means… oh good Lordy!… Valentines day is this weekend!!!!!
Ok, so I totally knew it was on Sunday as I’m lucky enough to have my birthday on Ol’ St Valentine’s day but if you’re feeling suddenly inspired to tackle some Ah-dorable Valentines Day Crafts with your little ones then read on.

With an energetic two and a half year old running around and loving all things crafty (read messy)…. I can’t help but be drawn to the sweet and cheesy Valentines crafts currently filling my Pinterest feed. So here’s my little compilation of the sweetest and cutest little projects that you (or the other half) can tackle last minute this week.

My other half has a killer sweet tooth and although he’d be happy with sickly packets of candy alone, dressing them up as Candy Kabobs would make him happy as Larry. These goodies are from The Candy Blogger – which sounds like my kind of blog!!!

Wax painting has got to be one of the best toddler activities! They can splatter paint everywhere and we can still have some ‘control’ over the final result looking pretty good…. well at least not entirely like brown sludge. Water the paints down to avoid ugly clumps and create that dreamy watercolour effect!

Yes! Something not too overly girly for all the little boys wanting to charm their mamas (and dads)! Lemon Lime Adventures have hit the nail not he head with this one and even have the free printable available to download.

This may require a few more supplies and older kiddies but is without a doubt my favourite!! I’m a sentimental emotional mess at the best of times so the thought of play time memories being made with this little set brings a happy tear to my eye… yes I cry at everything …. I have been known to tear up in a movie preview (…..twice). Step by steps at The Merry Thought.

Tote bags never fail in my books! The Clumsy Crafter shows us a super simple and adorable way to ‘Valentines’ one up as a gift…. or some crafty and impressive wrapping.

So set aside some craft time! The laundry pile can wait …. it’s never ending anyway right!? Tackle a fun project with your kids that double as a ‘sickly sweet’ but adorable Valentines gift!

Happy Valentines Day!… and Happy Birthday to me too 😉