The online world is constantly churning out fabulous little finds and I’ve lost count of how many midnight feeding hours have been spent (whispering) oohs and aaahs over something ‘just too cute’ or perfectly clever on Instagram or Pinterest! Honestly what did mum’s do while feeding before smart phones?? (‘bond with their child’ says my husband ….). Well one of these awesome Pinterest finds of mine was an adorably reclaimed one off Cashmere kids jumper …. which lead me to finding the wonder that is Mini Magpie, London brainchild of Kimberley Golding! Words cannot describe the fun quirkiness that is every.single.piece Kimberley creates….. she takes pre-loved high quality pieces and refashions them into incredible and funky kids clothing. (And for my non Euro readers…. don’t be turned off by the UK based location… she has FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!!!! oh be still by beating heart/credit card). So do yourself a favour and check this wicked Etsy store out…. but not before hearing a little tidbit from the lady herself….


Tell us a little about yourself Kimberley?

My life is really balanced between childcare and running my business which I love as I can’t do only one, I have to have both sides. We live in a really tiny flat but we have a garden and loads of amazing outdoor space nearby and I am really into being outdoors with my kids getting light and air and running wild. I am an interiors obsessive but with a really tight budget and messy little kids it’s not always possible to have the perfect house, so I make things like cushions, paintings and get really cool bargains so I don’t have to worry about my kids ruining the furniture.


What do you love most about running Mini Magpie London?

I love rescuing old stuff and making it into something new. It’s a really pleasing process making something desirable again and it makes me happy!


What is your current favourite creation?

My current favourite hobby is making rope into plant hangers. I can’t really claim it’s macrame as I just made it up myself but it looks good enough!


What does a day in the life of Mini Magpie London look like?

I do loads of housework then run away to the studio and sew stuff making a huge mess. I like to work alone as it’s so different from being with the kids.


What words never fail to inspire you?

Single Mum. Seriously they are heroes and deserve their own day like Mother’s day. I don’t know how they do it. They also complain less than those of us with partners helping us out.


When you’ve had a looooong day, how do you relax?

Simple. Massive boiling bath ( I have a cube shaped bath so it is really deep) with a film on the laptop. I am not allowed to lock the door unfortunately.



Massive bath sounds perrrrfect right now! Thanks so much for giving us a little glimpse into your world!

I love how the world keeps producing inspiring, unique creatives like this! You can find Mini Magpie on Etsy and follow them below.

Instagram | @minimagpiekids

Facebook | Mini Magpie Children’s Clothes

Twitter | @minimagpiekids

Pinterest | Mini Magpie

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