With a freezer absolutely full with frozen expressed milk, I could actually cry as I try for the millionth time to get my 3 month old to take a bottle and she screams in refusal :'( Over the last 4 weeks she has decided that only the ‘real deal’ will suffice and no amount of coercing will make her happily accept that bottle of milk!

I’m determined! This has to work! I know that it will probably just be a rough patch of adjustment and perseverance will prevail…… but the thought of wasted breast milk just about kills me!

This second time around has certainly been a much bigger struggle breastfeeding wise and I am so aware of multiple tales of feeding struggles amongst my friends! It’s something I was really not overly prepared for (even with baby number two) and it can really turn into a dark struggle for so many mums.

Hence why, in the midst of this stage myself, I really wanted to encourage the discussion and support for mums going through their own version of events! So the hashtag #cryoverspiltmilk was born ….. a mini online community where we can vent, cry, fist-bump, laugh, cheer, ask questions, give suggestions, ALWAYS support, NEVER judge and just acknowledge together that although we all have such unique journeys, we can still go through them together.

If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram @_baby_bean , post your story (or a funny meme that will ALWAYS be appreciated by a sleep deprived mama) and hashtag #cryoverspiltmilk so at least us two can give each other a virtual high five! Oh and regardless of where the milk is from… boob, bottle, whatever!… we’re all welcome to the party!