Of course I would love to be the healthiest, strongest, fittest and best looking version of myself all the time! Who wouldn’t?…. And there seem to be many people out there that handle this task perfectly (and they all seem to love clogging my Instagram feed with how wickedly awesome they look)…. but I am probably a lot closer to what you’d call ‘average’ or ‘normal’ in the ‘Miranda Kerr killer looks’ department. I’m not putting myself down at all, just starting from an honest look at how fit and healthy I am. I love a citrus and ginger juice….. but not quite as much as donuts. I’ve been known to make my own bone broths…. but am more likely to polish off multiple slices of Banana Bread with lashings of butter. I adore red wine, lots and lots of chocolate, seaweed snacks, protein balls, kombucha and really good ice cream! It’s called balance right? 😉

So if you’re neither a health & fitness fanatic nor a complete ‘Nutella-from-the-Jar’ couch potato then we’re probably on the same page…. and from that ‘page’ I’d love to share a couple of my little sneaky healthy living ‘life hacks’…. these are perfect baby steps for when you’re honest enough to know that a 30 day juice fast is probably just going to be fuelled by ten daily coffees…. but you want to make some kind of little improvements.

  • Invest in a slow cooker
    Forget thinking that slow cookers are only for rich, heavy wintry dishes… they are the EASIEST secret health ingredient I’ve ever come across. Making soups, broths and casseroles is made a million times easier, the nutrients won’t be burnt away and knowing there’s a delicious meal ready when you walk in the door eliminates any ‘drive-thru-dash’ urges.
  • Cook in bulk and freeze
    Unhealthy eating is definitely easier when you’re struggling with the time (or the energy) to cook…. I say embrace the leftovers, and purposefully cook too much of a healthy meal! If you then freeze it (if possible) or put some aside for lunches then you’re not only halving kitchen time but ensuring a well cooked ‘grab and go’ meal.
  • The easy healthy snacks
    My preferences for snacking is generally whatever is easiest…. and this can often lend to highly processed muesli bars filled with sugar, cakes and donuts or lots and lots of biscuits! Always make sure that you have stock of bananas, apples, carrots, rice cakes and (my favourite) Medjool dates (seriously…. they taste like caramel!). These might sound boring but when you feel like snacking, get into the habit of having something from this list first and then if 10 minutes later you still want that cake then go for it! You’ll have less of the bad stuff and you’ll benefit from at least half a healthy snack 🙂
  • Lots of water!
    This is hardly a unique piece of advice but not having enough water can be the root of so many health problems! If you’re like most people and struggle to have the recommended 2 litres of water a day (or 3 if you’re breastfeeding) then keep a glass next to the kitchen sink and drink a full glass every time you’re there. Honestly the amount of times I’m stacking dirty dishes, getting a wet cloth, filling my daughter’s water bottle, boiling the kettle, washing bottles….. well, lets just say I’m more at risk of drinking too much.
  • Multi task while cooking dinner
    One of my greatest time saving tricks (that doubles as a healthy one too) is to double up your dinner time! By this I mean, while cooking dinner, multi task with other kitchen prep! Use the time to prepare breakfast or the next days lunches…. Prep overnight oats recipes like this deeeeelicious Bircher Museli one and you can go to sleep knowing that you have a ridiculously healthy and filling breakfast all ready to go in the morning.
  • Keep being inspired
    Pinterest is both my health motivator and guilt inducer…. Beware getting so ‘inspired’ that you slip into feeling like it’s all too hard or complicated. Find what helps you… whether it be great healthy recipes, quick exercise tips, or inspiring before and after shots…. and check in for some ‘Pinspiration’ every now and then.
  • Sneak in exercise
    If you haven’t discovered the Wiggles workout yet then GET ON IT!! It basically involves ‘enjoying’ at least 20 minutes of a Wiggles concert (thank you Youtube) with your little one and making sure you 100% dance along…. have you ever noticed how fit those guys are!!??? They have literally been jogging on the spot for about 20 years. Your kids will love having you dance along and getting your heart racing a bit more every day will make all the difference.

So there you have it! Some realistic tips from a lady who will gladly pair my green juice with a Krispy Kreme 🙂 …. we’re all still figuring it out together hey!?

Let me know what you swear by? Or how you justify/balance out that extra large buttered movie popcorn!