For both our girls, we kept their gender a complete surprise right until the end! The main reason being that we love that ‘What is it?’ moment….. but also probably because not knowing the gender severely decreases my shopping urges! Two of my sisters are currently pregnant with girls and I find it almost impossible to go past anything adorable and girly in teeny tiny newborn sizes!!

But I have found that buying a beautiful baby shower present for a bub of undisclosed gender can actually be reeeallly difficult….. especially if there’s no gift registry or best friend pointing you in the right direction.

SO…. I asked myself, what presents would I completely love to receive and thought I’d share them here in the hope that it might give you the help you need. (warning, adorable, ‘must-have’ baby goodies coming at you!)


fromZION Seamist Fringe Mocc $45

You cannot go past the wonder that is fromZION moccasins!!! the 0-3 month sizes are TO DIE FOR!! I have been known to stock up whenever they have a sale…. perfect ‘one of a kind’ presents


Wild Child Soft Baby Activity Rattle/Teether $28.50

This whole Etsy store makes me swoon 😉 I love any toys or rattles that avoid the gaudy, too-bright colours! Much more ‘mum the stylist’ friendly.



Organic cotton baby blanket printed with eco-friendly ink  $57.99

Once you’ve used organic cotton clothing or blankets I promise you that it’ll be a struggle to go back. The quality is incredible and there’s not nasties getting passed on to your little one during their precious sleeping time.




Sleeping Bear Cushion $59.95

Emma from Homely Creatures is just as wonderful as her products…. I want to buy everything just because I have a mumpreneur crush on her 😉 But this 100% Cotton sleepy Bear is my favourite…. just ready to snuggle up in bed…. or top off the perfect nursery styling.



The Essential Bump Box $159.95

Priced from $24.95, The Bump Box has curated an incredible selection of gift boxes just for those pregnant and mama ladies in your life! This is the ultimate Gender Neutral gift box below with a drool worthy selection of organic newborn clothing, bath and massage oil, bottom balm, baby bath wash, milestone cards and a beautiful wrap for cuddling up the little one. Order online and get posted Australia wide, all perfectly packaged.





Bonds Newborn Knit Jacket $15

This may seem like an unusual inclusion because Bonds is everywhere but these jackets are THE BEST!! On sale currently for $15… honestly get one in every colour or in a few sizes and make the greatest gift bundle ever! They’re soft, look like Grandma stitched them and aren’t covered in appliqués, flowers or lace!!! Yay!




So there’s a few options to point you in the right direction. I honestly enjoying helping people spend their money so much! 😉 So if you have any specific gift buying questions/struggles then let me know and I’ll see if I can help out.